Footwear Founders and Marketing Managers:

Improve Your Meta and Google Ads Results For Your Footwear Brand

On a performance basis - only pay if you get results.Discover the multi-channel process that is helping leading footwear brands increase ad spend profitably with campaigns that actually drive new customers.

You Build Your Empire. We'll Bring The Customers.

01- Maximize Acquisition With A Multi-Channel Strategy

Don’t limit your brand to a single channel. We leverage Meta ads and Non-branded Google Ads to go after new potential customers who have yet to learn about your products but are in the market. This way we can maximizing every advertising dollar spend thus creating a robust foundation to scale.

02- Scroll Stopping Ad-Creatives

Our team will craft unique high-converting ad scripts utilizing timeless marketing fundamentals and leveraging consumer psychology methodologies. Aditionally, you'll get access to a custom swipe file of scroll-stopping creatives based on our research on offers, market trends, customer research & competitive analysis.

03. In-house Like Communication & Implementation

It's frustrating to be left in the dark due to insoncistent communication and slow turnaround times because ad accounts are 'learning'. Our success is tied to yours. That's why we move fast with intense experimentation and fast iteration. You get direct access to our marketing experts working in your account via a dedicated Slack channel with weekly updates, along with on-demand consulting. We're just a message away from assisting you!

04. Unlock New Growth On a Performance Basis

Focus on growth and only pay for actual results. We invest into DTC growth on a performance basis…in exchange for commission on new customers & the growth we generate.

$1,023,673 In Sales with 3.7 ROAS In 18 Months

Topo Athletic

Award-winning and established market leader in selling natural performance running shoes that promote healthy foot function.


Advertising on Meta through 2020 and 2021 but spent mostly on brand awareness campaigns without clear campaign structure and acquisition strategy. The CMO, Michael was responsible for managing campaigns but was stretched too thin because of other demands on his time. As a result, the average ROAS was 1.9x.


Recognizing the opportunity for growth, our team implemented an account structure designed to encompass various stages of the customer journey allowing us to create intent in the market and convert high-intent buyers efficiently.


Fast forward 18 months later and we've helped them generate over $1M in sales while growing to above 3.7x ROAS on average.

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