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Stop wasting time and money on ineffective ad campaigns.

It's time to make your ad budget count, scale your business and blow up your sales.

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Our Philosophy

 We’ve eliminated the inefficiencies and formalities that plague most agencies so that we can direct our focus towards one goal:

Producing real, tangible results for our clients. 

Our Client case studies show how we’ve helped current and past clients reach their goals and ultimately create a new reality for their business.  We only work with clients that we have bulletproof certainty we’ll be able to deliver the results they’re looking for. 

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What we do:


Simply, Ads. Just Ads.

We see advertising as a high performance sport and naturally, it demands focus. 

If you want an agency that offers a full service solution of everything that won’t move the needle forward, we’re not for you. 

If you want an agency that with two clicks you can get a clear picture of how much was spent, how much was made & what your net profit was, we’re for you.

We're Not Launching Rockets... Just Fiercely Ramping.

See how we do it

The Predictable Machine That Works For You 365 24/7

Create A System that lets you confidently spend $1, and get $2, $3, $4, $5, $6, $7, $8, $9, $10 in return.

Every client at Craftr Advertising has a customer acquisition machine where $1 goes in and $2, $3 , $7, $14 comes out.

Equipped with this level of certainty, adding $100k – $1M to your bottom line is simply a byproduct of the system. 

Results Guaranteed

The logic is simple.

As a client of Craftr Advertising if you are taking a chance out on the battlefield you can rest assured we are there by your side. Our goal is to eliminate the “I’ve been burnt in the past” conversation that too many founders have.

If we don’t perform, we don’t get paid. 

Real, Tangible Results

2.4k ››› $33k in 30 days.

Client Backstory

This client came to us because she wanted to launch her high ticket coaching business but needed a team to help her build her entire funnel from scratch.  With less than 10,000 followers on her instagram account we knew that her strongest selling potential laid in her ability to connect more intimately with each customer through IG live, polls, and DM’s. This allowed us to reach a raving, ready to buy fanbase via retargeting ads while  transforming completely cold visitors directly into buyers.

After a deep research and understanding of her ideal customer we were able to audit her in the process of creating videos, images and webinars that connected with customers and guided them towards their personal transformation.

In 30 days we were able to go from 0 to R$33,761 with only R$2,417.32 spent in ads.

£898 ››› £3,575 in 30 days.

Client Backstory

This client is an education company in the language space. They have a very  reliable foundation to selling via instagram & youtube however were frustrated because they had reached a plateau in growth. 

There was only so much growth they could experience by relying on organic selling methods so that’s where we came in. 

They’d never ran a single paid ad before and so starting from complete scratch we were able to produce a healthy 3.98 ROAS during month 1. This was a byproduct of having a deep routed understanding of their ideal customer and knowing exactly what they wanted. Equipped with that knowledge, all we needed to do was simply put what they wanted in front of them and they bought. We are now pushing this clients spend and scaling this result to even more profitable levels.

€3700 ››› €12,800 recurring revenue in 43 days.

Client Backstory

This was a newly launched subscription business in the fitness industry launched in January, 2020 that had experienced healthy growth from organic advertising alone but wanted to experience a sharper growth curve through paid advertising.

In such a competitive industry we were able to convert visitors into recurring clients through the use of relatable  long- form video creatives. 

By using engaging creatives and completely streamlining the  sales process we went on to help this business predictably and profitably grow their bottom line revenue. 

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